24 April 2015

Summer ‘15 Release Notes are out, so it’s time to take a tour around some of the coolest new features – Highlights in bold!

At the time of publication, this is only a “preview” of the release, and the features below may or may not actually be delivered.


Salesforce1 Action Bar Setup

Community Builder


  • Omni-Channel: Automatically route records from Queues based on agent availability


Seems like Macros are essentially the same thing as Custom Button + Visual Workflow, but inside the Console, and with some special Service (Knowledge, Chatter) capability.

  • Console Tab Navigation

    You can now bookmark and pin tabs on the screen – With the other 2 features above, makes it even harder to ignore how powerful the console is…

Based just on the volume of new features & updates above, looks like Service is definitely on Salesforce’s mind for this release…


You can now edit your own Chatter posts after they are published, and Sys Admins can edit other users’ as well.

Potentially the most visible change coming out of this release?

Process Builder & Visual Workflow

My personal favorite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Process Builder

Can’t recommend enough using Process Builder & Visual Workflow in tandem - Eliminates the need for many Apex trigger use cases I’ve seen.

Security and Identity

Big news for everyone who needs to encrypt more than just a 175-char text field! But how much does it cost…

Apex & Visualforce

Better make sure you’re using $Resource URLFOR() in your code! It’s best practice!

Lightning Components (still Beta)

Suprisingly small amount of improvements for Lightning Components though… Maybe everyone was working on the new features that are written in Lightning :wink:

Integration & Outlook

Territory Management 2.0

General Enhancements

This has been raising a lot of noise in the dev community, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t make the cut for this release.

Something else to manually deactivate for all the admins out there…

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