28 April 2016

In keeping with the tradition of (hopefully) useful, but lengthy, lists, I’ve started compiling all the components that can’t be migrated through Change Sets.

Salesforce actually has a list of all the components that can go through Change Sets, but the opposite is more helpful for planning deployments and knowing what can be done manually ahead of time. If you’re using the Metadata API with Ant, then you can use the following list of unsupported metadata types, although it seems to be outdated as of the 36.0 release.

Bold indicates entire Setup menu folders


Feature Deployable? API Object Name Notes
Auth. Providers Metadata API AuthProvider  
App Menu Metadata API AppMenu  
Business Hours Metadata API BusinessHoursSettings  
Company Information SOAP API Organization  
Connected Apps Metadata API ConnectedApp  
CORS Metadata API CorsWhitelistOrigin  
Currency Exchange Rates SOAP API DatedConversionRate  
Data.com Settings No    
Delegated Groups Metadata API DelegateGroup  
Desktop Administration No    
Divisions SOAP API Division  
Duplicate Rules No    
Email Administration No    
File Upload and Download Security No    
Fiscal Year Metadata API CompanySettings  
Holidays Metadata API BusinessHoursSettings  
Identity Provider Metadata API SamlSsoConfig  
Language Settings No    
Login Access Policies No    
Mail Merge Templates SOAP API MailmergeTemplate  
Mobile Administration Metadata API MobileSettings  
Named Credentials Metadata API NamedCredential  
Network Access Metadata API SecuritySettings  
Organization-Wide Defaults Metadata API SharingModel  
Organization-Wide Email Addresses SOAP API OrgWideEmailAddress  
Password Policies Metadata API SecuritySettings  
Profile Standard Object Settings & Field-Level Security Metadata API Profile  
Public and Resource Calendars No    
Public Groups Metadata API Group  
Remote Site Settings Metadata API RemoteSiteSetting  
Salesforce App for Outlook No    
Session Settings Metadata API SecuritySettings  
State and Country Picklists Metadata API AddressSettings  
Territory Assignment Rules Metadata API Territory2Rule  
Translation Settings No    


Feature Deployable? API Object Name Notes
Activity Settings Metadata API ActivitiesSettings  
Approval Process order No    
Button Overrides Metadata API ActionOverride Activity Buttons Not Supported
Campaign Influences No    
Chatter Groups SOAP API CollaborationGroup  
Chatter Settings, Chat Settings, Email Settings No    
Contact Roles (Partner, Accounts & Opportunities, Opportunity Team, Cases, Case Team, Contracts) SOAP API PartnerRole, AccountContactRole, OpportunityContactRole, CaseContactRole, CaseTeamRole, ContractContactRole  
Contracts Settings Metadata API ContractSettings  
Data Categories Not Recommended DataCategoryGroup Visibility Settings not supported
Dependent picklist rules Metadata API Picklist  
Email-to-Case No    
Email Services SOAP API EmailServicesFunction  
Feed Item Layouts Metadata API Layout  
Forecasting Settings Metadata API ForecastingSettings  
Group Layouts Metadata API Layout  
Home Page Standard Components No    
Ideas Comment Validation Rules Metadata API ValidationRule  
Ideas Communities Metadata API Community  
Ideas Settings Metadata API IdeasSettings  
Label/Tab Renames Metadata API CustomObjectTranslation  
Lead Settings No    
List Views on Standard Objects Metadata API ListView  
Opportunity Big Deal Alerts No    
Opportunity Competitors SOAP API OpportunityCompetitor  
Opportunity Product Multi-Line Layouts Metadata API Layout  
Opportunity Settings Metadata API OpportunitySettings  
Opportunity Update Reminders No    
Predefined Case Teams SOAP API CaseTeamTemplate  
Processes (Lead, Opportunity, Case, Solution) Metadata API BusinessProcess  
Product Schedule Setup Metadata API ProductSettings  
Product Settings Metadata API ProductSettings  
Publisher Layouts Metadata API Layout  
Quote Templates No    
Salesforce to Salesforce No    
Search Layouts Metadata API SearchLayouts  
Search Settings No    
Self-Service Public Solutions No    
Self-Service Web-to-Case No    
Social Account/Contact Settings No    
Solution Categories SOAP API CategoryNode  
Solution Settings No    
Standard auto-number & system fields No    
Standard Field History Metadata API CustomField  
Standard Picklists Metadata API Picklist With exceptions
Support Settings Metadata API CaseSettings  
Tag Settings No    
Teams (Account, Opportunity, Case) SOAP API AccountTeamMember, OpportunityTeamMember, CaseTeamMember  
User Interface Settings Metadata API ActivitiesSettings & NameSettings Partially supported
Web-to-Lead No    

† Lead.CampaignMemberStatus, Opportunity.ForecastCategoryName, and Order.Status are not supported.
For CampaignMember.LeadSource & Contact.LeadSource & Lead.LeadSource & Opportunity.LeadSource ⇒ Account.AccountSource
For Lead.Industry ⇒ Account.Industry
For Lead.Rating ⇒ Account.Rating
For Contact.Salutation & Lead.Salutation ⇒ CampaignMember.Salutation

Other Items to Verify

  • Visual Workflow & Process Builder flows need to be activated
  • Custom Buttons that use the well-document URL hacking with field IDs or Object prefixes
  • Formulas that reference Documents, Static Resources, Record Types, or IDs
  • My Settings (Personal Groups, Display & Layout, Email, Chatter, Calendar & Reminders)
  • Deployment Settings

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